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Helping You to Thrive and Survive in our Culturally Complex World

Cultural Mastery Community

Why Join Us?

Our community is a place where leaders learn, grow, and connect together. We learn how to both expand and protect our brands through cultural intelligence. In today's culturally complex world, we simply can't afford to make cultural mistakes that cost us dearly in the public arena or lose opportunities for lack of cultural intelligence and vision. Many leaders are walking on eggshells wondering what to say, to whom, and how. Leaders who join us level up their cultural skills to inform their decision-making and approaches to people of diverse cultures.


What Do We Offer?

 We offer world-class courses and coaching, expert guest symposiums, state-of-the-art connection and conversations, specialized groups, and connection with like-minded leaders who are committed to leading with inclusivity and justice to create cultures where people long to be. 

Who Are We?

We were founded in 2021 by Ricardo Gonzalez, author of The 6 Stages of Cultural Mastery, The 6 Stages of Cultural Sales, and The Cultural Transformation Manifesto. We are backed by a highly diverse Leadership Advisory Council composed of nationally respected leaders in academics, business, ministry, and more. To learn more about Cultural Mastery, visit this page. Community members are business leaders, diversity and inclusion leaders, education leaders, nonprofit leaders, government leaders, law enforcement leaders, and ministry leaders to name some groups that are represented here.  

Who Should Join?

Any leader who wants to lead with a high level of culturally intelligence and inclusivity. This is for leaders who understand that culture is the soil from which all things grow, and they want to make sure they grow the best possible outcomes in their life and leadership. Don't join if you don't care about being culturally relevant or in creating cultures where people deeply want to belong.


Mobile App Information

To get our mobile app, you can put in your phone number below, and you'll receive a link to the app. You can also download the app by going to in both Android and IOS. Search for the "Mighty Networks" app. Open it, and then search for "Cultural Mastery Community." You can then join or sign in there and have direct access to our full community features on the mobile app.

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